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FYI:  You must have a good veterinarian record with another pet to adopt from us.

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Meet Mica, a 2 year old male Pug.  Mica has lost an eye and we have no idea how.  We will remove the stitches and have our vet look at it when he is neutered on Nov 30.  Mica is a sweet boy used for breeding.  He is not house trained so he wears a belly band (two will go with him when adopted).  After neuter, that will hopefully improve, we are working on it.  He is very thin, ribs and hip bones showing but we have started to fatten him up as a good Pug should be:-)  He is small, about 15 pounds right now.  He will be up to date on shots, micro chip and any other medical needs before adoption.  His adoption fee is $350.

Owasso dog

            Wichita Pug Rescue dog


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All of our adoptable Pugs include all medical records and microchip.  

Wichita Pug Rescue is helping our friends at Owasso Pug Rescue in Oklahoma.   Please go to for an application for any of their dogs.  Thank you

To adopt any of our dogs, you must be at leaset 21 years old, have a good previous vet reference (no exceptions) and 2 personal references.

FYI:  You must have a good veterinarian record with another pet to adopt from us.

An application is available on this site by clicking the link above for Wichita Pug Rescue only.  Thank you.

Meet BooBoo a 12 year old fawn male Pug.  Don't let Booboo's age fool you, he does stairs like a pro and jumps on to his favorite chair with ease.  Boo is house trained, neutered, up to date on shots and gets along with dogs and cats.  He has only 1 functioning eye, it's there but small.  He is a lovely boy looking to spend his remaining years in a home of his own.  BooBoo's adoption fee is $100.

            Wichita Pug Rescue dog

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