Meet Zoey a 9 year old female Pug.  Zoey is spayed, up to date on shots.  She gets along with other dogs and cats.  Zoey is a sweet girl who will need someone who is either retired or works from home.  Zoey is house trained and holds it threw the night crated but during the day she needs to go out every 3-4 hours, she weighs in at about 20 pounds.  She is a quiet girl who likes a small space to call her own during the day.  She will need artificial tears twice a day but other than that she is in very good health.  Zoey was very well cared for by her previous owners.  Zoey's adoption fee is $100.  Application link at the top of the page.   ADOPTED

Stella-Periodontal disease, teeth removed, partial jaw removal


needing continuous care and unadoptable.

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Our adoption fees have stayed the same for the past 10 years.  Our vet has informed us they will no longer be giving

rescues a discount, small as it was.  We don't have any current plans to raise our fees but understand that the adoption fees we charge are a very small compared to medical costs for each dog.  This year alone our average medical bill per dog has been around $700.

See page 2 for another adoptable Pug

Sage  -Blind, chronic skin condition

Adoptable Pugs

Jasmine-very frail, blind & deaf

An application is available on this site by clicking the link above.


Introducing Betty Boop or as we call her Boopy:-) Boopy is an 8 month old OLD ENGLISH BULLDOG.  She is not the squatty, big headed Bulldog, she is a bit taller with a slightly smaller head with no drool:-)  Boopy will be available to go to her new home after June 8th.  She needs to be spayed and have a growth removed from her eyelid.

She has a constant runny nose that we have treated with anti-biotics and will have an Xray done of her head to rule anything out.

Boopy is extremely curious, no eating around her or you will loose it.  She will need leash training, she is house trained and crate trained.  She gets along with other dogs and cats.  She is a very sweet dog who is also a very strong and powerful dog.  She would be fine around children 10 and up.  She doesn't know her own strength.  Below is a link to a youtube video of her playing with her prized possession.  (Copy and paste in your browser to view.)

Boopy's adoption fee is $850.  ADOPTEd


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