Meet Reed a 9 month old male Pug.  Reed is a very active puppy and will need someone willing to put in the puppy time.  He has not been neutered yet and once that happens it should help with his marking.  We will provide belly bands to help with house training.  He is a very sweet, loyal and loving Pug.  Reed weighs in at around 16 pounds.  He will be up to date on shots and neutered soon.  If you are looking for an active pup, Reed is your man.  His adoption fee is $575, application link above.


Stella-Periodontal disease, teeth removed, partial jaw removal

Sage  -Blind, chronic skin condition

Adoptable Pugs


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We are expecting a couple more Pugs this coming week, stay tuned!

We currently do have a few Pugs who will be available for adoption soon.  Due to Covid-19 our vet is overwhelmed and it is taking weeks longer to get dogs spayed/neutered and/or other surgeries.  We are waiting up to 3 hours in the parking lot of our vet just to get shots done.  This cuts down the days we are able to do this to 2 available days a week.  We then wait up to 6 weeks for surgeries.   We are sorry this is taking so long but we have no control over this situation.  

Jasmine-very frail, blind & deaf

See page 2 for another adoptable Pug

An application is available on this site by clicking the link above.


needing continuous care and unadoptable.