Meet Bennie a 7 year old male Pug.  Bennie lived in darkness his entire life, caged for breeding.  Bennie will be neutered July 1, up to date on shots and a dental cleaning.  We would like to adopt Bennie as either an only dog or with 1 other pet.  Bennie needs to learn how to be a pet and is doing well with his foster mom. She states that Bennie is still very skiddish and is understandably distrustful of people.  He will need someone with a lot of patience to teach him to trust.  He learned the dog door in one day so we know he is a smart fella.  Bennie will come with belly bands to assist in house breaking.  Bennie's adoption fee is $200.  If you think you can give Bennie the love he has been denied for so long, please fill out an application, link above. ADOPTION PENDING

None of the above Pugs are available for adoption.  They each have severe medical issues and need constant monitoring.  

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An application is available on this site by clicking the link above.

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WE HAVE JUST RETURNED FROM A PUPPY MILL/BREEDER RELEASE AUCTION!  This is a once a year event for us and usually we are lucky if we can afford to get 2 Pugs from being bought by another puppy mill.   This year Milwaukee Pug Fest was cancelled and the money we had put aside for travel and hotel as well as our vendor fee (refunded), we used to buy some puppy mill dogs destined to live their lives in cages.  With the event money and another large donation just for this purchase, we were able to buy 11 Pugs!  They range from 6 months to 7 years.  Their fees will reflect less than the purchase price we paid.  Spay/neuter, shots and microchip will be paid for by the rescue with donation money.  Their fees will run $350-$650.  Spay/neuter will not be done until June 26th due to the increase business at our vet office.  Some Vet offices have closed due to Covid19 so their will be a delay in getting the Pugs to their new homes.  Please be patient, this is an all volunteer organization.  Thank you.

Adoptable Pugs

​​Meet Bobby, a 2 year old male Pug , neutered and up to date on all shots.  Bobby has lived in darkness for all of his 2 years and we think he looks older than his 2 years.  Bobby is an active boy, weighing in at about 25 pounds.  Bobby is doing better at house training and loves people and gets along with other dogs but has a tendency to get in other dogs faces.  The face problem resulted in Bobby getting attacked by two other dogs.  He spent 2 days in the emergency vet hospital but is mended with no after effects:-)  We think he would do better as an only dog or one other dog preferably a female.  He is a smart boy and is learning fast:-)  Bobby's adoption fee is $475