a 501c3 non-profit rescue and licensed shelter

Our adoption fees range from $75 - $650 depending on age and condition of the pug.  All fees go into the general fund of Wichita Pug Rescue to help other Pugs in need.  Most adoption fees don't cover all the medical expenses for our Pugs, we rely on other donations to help defray some of the costs.  Some of our Pugs need special diets, medications or placed in a specific environment.

Wichita Pug Rescue: wichitapugrescueks@gmail.com

Please spay or neuter your pet, not doing so makes your pet a target for thieves. Imagine the worst, it can happen!

Wichita Pug Rescue was formed to provide fostering, adopting, transporting and rescuing of pugs in  Kansas.
Our mission is to rescue and re-home any Pug regardless of age or health and to provide an alternative to a shelter environment. We offer a safe place to relinquish your Pug in time of need. 

 If you are interested in adopting a pug, please check out our available Pug's page. Applications for adoption are available on this website.

Wichita Pug Rescue relies on donations and fund raisers to care for the Pugs we take in. All Pugs are placed in loving foster homes until a suitable forever home can be found. 

All potential adopters must fill out an application which is available on our application page. After a review of your application, we will conduct an in home visit as well as reference checks. Once that has been completed potential adopters will fill out a contract and pay any adoption fees before a pug is placed in the home. 

Please understand that these Pugs have been through a great deal of stress having left the only home they have ever known, many times taken to a shelter, placed in a cage and then picked up by someone they don't know and place in a home they have never seen before.  We want to make sure that all potential forever homes are the right fit for each Pug. This is the norm for all breed rescues.